Distinguishing Characteristic of Our Fellowship

In Essentials Unity: These are the doctrines of historic Christianity 

In Nonessentials Charity:    We hold to a generosity of spirit that frees us to disagree as loving brethren in those matters not essential to salvation.

In All Things Jesus Christ:  The beginning and end of our faith is the Lord Jesus Christ.  And the most essential salvation doctrines are those which  have to do with Him.  Accordingly, we believe :

  1. That the Old and New Testament Scriptures are the inspired word of God and serve to reveal the  Lord Jesus Christ. The Old points to Him in shadow and promise. The New reveals Him in history and reality.

  2. That Jesus Christ is truly God, born of the virgin Mary in actual flesh.

  3. That He died physically upon the cross and that His resurrection from death was equally literal and physical.

  4. That His death was on behalf of all people and that none are outside the scope or need of God's saving and keeping grace through Jesus Christ.

  5. That God's grace is received by faith through Jesus Christ and is able to save us both from sin's ultimate penalty and present power.

  6. That Jesus Christ ascended literally and bodily into the heavenly realm.

  7. That Jesus will return from that heavenly realm literally and physically to establish the kingdom of the heavens upon the earth, over which He will rule and reign as King. The exact time of His return is unknown.

  8. That Jesus Christ, and no human agency, is Lord and head of the Church and  every local church has the right under Christ to decide and govern its own affairs.

  9. This local church subscribes to a statement of faith which we will be happy to discuss with those who wish to know more.